Designing a Website for Martin-Co

Assignment: To design a mock-up web page for a client of your choice This is how I arrived at the finished product. Inspiration comes from Research Our Adaptive Media Tools Professor, Andrew Tedford showed us a graphic designer who prior to starting on his design for a outdoor sign for a historical hotel, did research to…

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Surface Pro 3 Tradeshow Banner

Microsoft Tradeshow Banners

We were to create two trade show banners that were to be 127.4″ wide by 90″ tall that advertised the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to post-secondary students.  Each design was to include: An image that we shot to sell the product Product images that were included in our assets Microsoft and Adobe logos used according…

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Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography Assignment: Take a classic Portrait Photo and take another creatively and use PS to enhance or alter the image.  These are my favourite shots, This is my first time taking portraits with a DSLR and ended up committing a cardinal sin when taking the photos (I’ll explain later). I learned some valuable lessons along the way…

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Inspiration Hunt

Our assignment was to complete a photo list downtown in our team of three.  Along our way we found some inspiring pieces that challenged our ideas of design and inspired us to create (click for details) More photos can be found on my Facebook album here: Facebook Album Collection

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