One Minute Video Shoot

Peter, Matt, Andrea and I went to Briarwood Farms to do our one minute video shoot.   It turned out to be a very good idea to have brought two cameras so that we could shoot simultaneously.  This offered us to do some more dynamic things with the camera angle and transitions from dialogue to dialogue.  It was also fantastic to have a shotgun mic that we were able to utilize, as we could just pull one audio to be the foundation for two separate angles.

There were some very core Avid skills that came to make the one minute video successful.  First was to have a separate audio and video tracks and the ability to add title screens and cut.  Looking up some quick Lynda tutorials on tail and top edits made the process a lot faster.

One key take away that I will forever remember is how important the buttons beside the tracks are.  They are like hiding and unhiding layers in Photoshop.  If you leave one that you do not intend to edit on, I found that huge gaps would occur where I don’t want it to be.  For example I struggled with disappearing audio because of that reason.  Finally when I tried to export, if I don’t have the right tracks highlighted, then I would be missing parts in the final video, as I found out after waiting ten minutes for it to render and then having to render it again.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 2.49.43 PM

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