Developing an Android App: PocketChords


“We build tools that build us” – Marshall McLuhan

I started this Android App project a long time ago out of a need to have a quick way to pull out chord sheets to play along with on my Android Device.  But my professor Sumit Bhatia blew my mind with Marshall McLuhan and caused me to reevaluate why I am making this app.  After reading, The Medium is the Message by Marshall McLuhan, I began to understand that the mere existence of a technology has the opportunity to affect culture.  The genius of professor Bhatia was that he began linking this idea with the fact that the quality and usability of this technology or medium determines if this impact happens.  For example, the mere existence of the internet began to create tremors into how the world interacted with each other, but it was when developers began demonstrating and developing functional uses for the internet when the world started to be transformed.  Facebook, Google and Wikipedia are all examples of how our lives are now different from the generation before us.

Simply to create for the sake of creating would not be as effective as creating with a focused awareness on the impact an app can have on the world.  I need to dig deeper.

At first I thought I would create an app that would help people organize their set lists, access their song chords offline that’s super light on storage, allow people to write down their own songs on the fly and share their chords with others.  But after some time sitting down and thinking, this is truly at the heart of what I want to accomplish:

To be a force in creating culture by expanding our freedom to play music

This is the goal of PocketChords.  For this reason this app will be designed and oriented.   The next post I will begin diving into the nitty-gritty and share my thought-processes on some significant lessons learned while making the app.


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